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Laparoscopic Surgeon in Bradenton

A Bradenton laparoscopic surgeon is a physician specifically trained and experienced in minimally invasive surgical procedures. These surgeons use thin instruments, live video imaging, and in some cases, robotic assistance, to perform simple and complex surgical procedures. Patients are placed under general anesthesia, and a series of very small incisions are made along the abdomen. Ports are placed into the incisions, through which the surgical instruments access the inside of the patient.

Did you know…

that the laparoscopic method is now the standard protocol for many surgical procedures? Operations like gallbladder removal that were once major surgeries requiring long stays in the hospital now result in a much shorter recovery period for the average patient. In fact, a 2015 review of more than 80,000 surgeries found that patients who had minimally invasive surgery averaged 1.4 days less in the hospital than those who underwent traditional open surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of procedures can be performed by a Bradenton laparoscopic surgeon?

A highly skilled laparoscopic surgeon will be capable of performing many different types of operations with minimal invasiveness. These include hernia repair procedures, gallbladder removal, liver resection, soft tissue operations, gastrointestinal operations and more.

What is the benefit of having a minimally invasive procedure versus an open surgery?

There are many benefits of having laparoscopic surgery in Bradenton versus open surgery when possible. Aside from the shorter hospital stays, patients who have minimally invasive procedures have quicker recovery times, less post-operative pain and much smaller scars. The average laparoscopic incision is one centimeter in length compared with open abdominal surgery incisions that are often six inches or longer.

Is laparoscopic surgery safe?

Study after study has show laparoscopic surgery at least as safe as open surgery. As an added benefit, patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery have a much lower risk of post-surgical complications on average, which lowers the chances of needing a follow-up surgery or expensive post-operative medical treatment.


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